To my younger self

If you could give life advice to your teenage self, what would it be?

To stop worrying, be nicer to your parents, follow your dreams (not the crowd) or enjoy every precious moment of youth… try it now, write that letter full of reflective wisdom.

Need some inspo? Check out a snippet of the advice Russell Brand dished out to his younger self on US CBS TV show:

“You are going to get rich and famous and travel
the world, meet loads, seriously kiddo, loads of
unbelievable girls and there will be moments when
you enjoy it.
But I know for a fact what you already suspect.
None of this stuff is the answer.
There’s a thing that you’re good at: making people
laugh and connecting with them. That’s cool. It’s
really cool. Look after that, it’s going to look after you.
But know too that not everyone’s going to like you. That doesn’t matter. The
important thing is that you like you.
I want to tell you you’re alright. You have everything you need already. Try to
listen to that quiet voice because that’s the thing you’re looking for. Some people
call it love, others call it connectivity and others call it God. It’s there, it’s always
been there, and it will always be there. And if you look after it, it will look
after you.”

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