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Why become a soulpreneur?

BECAUSE IT’S TIME to live your purpose and light up the world.

BECAUSE IT’S TIME to live your purpose and light up the world.

  • Are you a coach or practitioner ready to guide more clients and change their lives?
  • Or a teacher, presenter or yoga instructor dreaming of classes and a community full of eager and engaged students?
  • Maybe you want to share your unique story as a best selling author, blogger or speaker?
  • Or a designer, copywriter or virtual assistant eager to attract an abundance of soulfully aligned clients?
  • Perhaps you are a creative spirit who dreams of lighting up the world with your words, music or art?

Why become a soulpreneur?

BECAUSE IT’S TIME to live your purpose and light up the world.

You want to contribute to the world through an abundant career and business that feels completely you.

You know you’re here to do something great – something that makes a difference.. You have always kinda known it.

Whether you have no clear idea of exactly what your purpose is – or feel overwhelmed with too many ideas and too little time..

Soulpreneurs is here to help YOU.

Up until now you might have signed up for all sorts of courses, newsletters, experts, books and even lost your way a little, or don’t know where to start.

It may have become overwhelming.

Questioning what direction and steps to take, or if you can ever truly make a living doing what you love..

Maybe there have been some false starts. Obstacles emerge. You watch others rise and you feel left behind.

Comparison hits and halts you in your tracks.

You have so much to share, but you are confused on how to get it out there and really shine through.

Not sure if you are qualified enough, know enough, ready enough.. yet you know that you can’t hold back anymore.

You know it’s your time.

We know it too.

We see you. We hear you. Soulpreneurs® has been created just for you.


A soulpreneur is someone who chooses to rise up and work their light in a soul-driven career or business.



You have been dreaming of it…


The freedom of inspired days at your own pace.. crafting content, programs or sessions that connect and create real change in peoples’ lives.

Contributing to the world, from the comfort of your own home with your family.

Waking up to your eBook, podcasts or digital products sweeping across social media, capturing respect, hearts and fans, and affirming you as a new thought-leader in the process.

OR heading in to your clinic or studio for a booked out day with appreciative clients you love.

OR jetsetting to your favourite city to step onto the stage – with butterflies, yes – to an admiring audience at a sold-out event.

Maybe even signing your book deal with your favourite international publisher!

Get ready to get known and respected for the work you were born to do.

Making your family proud, being an inspiring role model and finally feeling the inner peace and fulfilment of truly loving what you do in the world.

No boss, no more ‘day jobs’ and never again compromising on what is most important to you.

Leading by example, leading with love. Doing it your way.

Supported in a safe, sacred space with new like-minded friends and genuine connections in your industry who get you.

Deep down you know THIS IS IT! It’s time to share your message and work in a soulful way.

We’ve been watching you over these past few years. Connecting with many of you online.

Since we launched Earth Events back in 2013, we’ve hosted almost 40,000+ of you at our events, as you flocked to learn from the world’s leading lightworkers.

We’ve looked on, in awe, at the way you have shown up offering light, love and friendship which has built this incredible community. We’ve noticed that sparkle in your eyes that says, “I want to do that too“.

But if you don’t have the connections or experience in marketing, events or business in general, it can feel impossible to leap into the spotlight and build the profile and platform you desire to share your message fully.


We started Soulpreneurs® to show you the real behind-the-scenes of how the world’s leading lightworkers have set up their abundant careers and businesses

and to demystify your steps to building a business that feels good on the inside.. not just looks good on the outside! 

Getting you out of confusion, and in to ACTION.

Our dream was to take 20 change makers through the pilot program – more than 250 signed up for the first year!

We had a blast and our alumni are lighting up the world with book releases, new product launches, sold out workshops, leading their own communities, Tedx speaking invitations and ambassador roles for their favourite organisations!

They are successful proof of our belief and devotion to changing the old (outdated) view on business, and create careers that make money AND make the world a better place.

We knew it through our work everyday at Earth HQ with high profile authors, speakers, publishers, media and influencers.

Now we know the same rules apply to the new wave of Soulpreneurs. Whether you are starting up or have been here for years.

This life changing course is designed to cut through the ‘flash in the pan’ fads, online noise and hype.

This course is not get-rich-quick schemes, formulas, flashy or fluffy.

We believe your career and work can be both timeless and innovative.

We believe in soulful and sustainable growth.

Expect a down-to-earth approach, where we share real case studies and decades of professional experiences and education, to set you up with reachable intentions and strategies that feel good.

Finally a course that gives you crystal clarity and confidence – that is easy to implement.

Helping you redefine success and actually achieving it!

Most importantly, we believe your family, health and wellbeing are a priority to be integrated with your beautiful business.


  • Build a brand and business around your unique experiences and gifts to help others
  • Learn the art of authentic self-expression and the power of living your truth
  • Create a career that supports your health and happiness, rather than depleting it
  • Earn an income doing something you absolutely love
  • Be part of a supportive community of inspiring soulpreneurs

… then we want you to join us so we can heal the world together!



The Soulpreneurs® signature course is a one-of-a-kind all inclusive training program, that teach you how to build an abundant career and soulful, successful business.

All trainings delivered digitally across the globe – with lifetime access!

Every fortnight for 14-weeks you receive a focus module including videos, audios, transcripts, worksheets, templates and toolkits.

Every other week you will receive bonus emails containing international guest expert classes and electives.

You have 24/7 access to our exclusive Soulpreneur Facebook group, and monthly group coaching calls (via phone or Skype) for mentoring, support, collaborations and community.

You may even choose to attend optional meet-ups, masterminds and live events!

With two decades in media and marketing, combined with creating a 7-figure business, Yvette Luciano has crafted this curriculum with lightworking leaders that give you the straight-forward practical tools and personally proven practices you need to create impact, both online and offline.

An incredible line-up of familiar faces and guest teachers also share sacred teachings from their own journeys growing their careers and businesses.

As a student of the Soulpreneurs 2017 Program, you have lifetime access to all future Soulpreneurs Program course material, to help you keep up with emerging trends and stay on top of your game.



Welcome to the family! We prep you with all the tools you need to make the most of our time together.


It’s time to define soulful success on your own terms and get clear on the dream we’ll be bringing to life together. You connect with fellow Soulpreneur students and receive a toolkit of videos, audios and worksheets to help you get clarity on your vision, dissolve your limiting beliefs and confidently step into your purpose.


Discover the business model that works best for you!

You create a personalised business blueprint, determine profitable products and services, and discover the legal and financial foundations behind successful start-ups.

We’ll also dive into the fun stuff including transitioning out of your day job, building your team, financing and hiring your first employees, freelancers etc.


Now that you have your vision and business foundations in place, the next step is developing your branding.

What do you want your brand to say? And (more importantly) how do you want it to feel?

You’ll discover it’s far more than just a pretty logo or catchy slogan – you’ll also learn about soul style and voice and attracting your aligned tribe.

We’ll show you how fun and effective authentic and professional design, photos, taglines and copywriting can be! You learn how to integrate a consistent identity across your entire business that’s true to your soul and style.


The first part of your media training is all about creating your own platform and connecting with your community.

You’ll learn how to be your own media, create a blog that people adore (without burning out) and how to harness top industry list-building strategies to grow your newsletter tribe.

We’ll also cover the latest ins and outs of social media (for social good), websites and what the next generation of bloggers are doing differently.

We’ll explore the four core media pillars to discover which is best for you (so you can leave out the rest – hallelujah!).


Let’s get you seen! Following on from Media Part 1, this module's focus is on external mainstream media, how to be your own publicist and get your voice heard in a busy world.

Our PR tools, step-by-step strategies and checklists will help you earn coveted spots on TV, in magazines and even guest blogging on your favourite websites, as well as teaming up with influencers and collaborating with contemporaries.


There’s never been a better time for aspiring authors. With so many ways to get your book out into the world, we’ll explore your options and what will work best for you.

You’ll learn helpful writing tips, as well as strategies and structures to put your self-publishing plans into action or craft a book proposal to score a major publishing deal.


Take your step onto the world stage … literally! Whether you’re keen to share your message onstage or on camera, it’s all about delivering your most authentic self.

We dig into speaking gigs, hosting and promoting your own events, as well as top public-speaking strategies, outlines and nailing your own Vlogs.



How to sell your products, seal the deal and secure clients in a soulful (not sleazy) way.


Learn how to develop and launch e-courses and products your audience is waiting for.


Discover the start-up secrets and behind-the-scenes tales of successful jewellery, art, health and eco-beauty product-based businesses.


Behind-The-Scenes tutorial on how to create and promote your own online events and podcasts.


How to create your own videos, audios and podcasts at home (no prior tech skills required)


Including the behind-the-scenes of opening and running your own healthy cafe, catering business etc.


Be inspired to develop your own self-care strategy so you can enjoy the health and lifestyle you deserve while building your empire. No more burnouts!

We’ll also discuss the importance of safely sharing and protecting yourself as a personal brand and emerging public figure.


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Gabrielle Bernstein

New York Times Best Selling Author

James Colquhoun

Food Matters

Gala Darling

Radical Self Love, Speaker + Teacher

Leon Nacson

Hay House

Dr. Libby Weaver

Nutritional Biochemist + international Speaker

Jon Gabriel

The Gabriel Method




Yvette Luciano


Yvette Luciano is a devoted soulpreneur coach and the multi-passionate sole director and founder of Earth HQ and Earth Events. Yvette’s 15+ years of media and marketing experience in the entertainment industry began with organising rock shows and promoting bands, and led to marketing and management roles with some of the world’s largest record companies and artists.

After a health and soul shift in 2010, Yvette immersed herself in health studies, accompanied by a seachange to Queensland where she founded Earth HQ in January 2013. Yvette and her growing team achieved unprecedented success in the field and have produced sold-out events while continuing to manage some of the most influential lightworkers in the wellbeing world.

Yvette’s focus is now on helping the next wave of Soulpreneurs live their life purpose, lift their platform and leap into prosperity.



"Yvette Luciano leads a team of lightworkers who create the most incredible, sacred spaces for people to gather, learn and heal. I hope to continue to work with Yvette and Earth HQ for many years to come." Gabrielle Bernstein
"Yvette Luciano and her earth angels helped us put together the most magical and energetic tour I could have ever imagined." James Colquhoun, Food Matters
"Working with Yvette Luciano is a total delight: easy, fun, and unbelievably positive from conception to completion. I always know I’m in the very best hands whenever I’m with Yvette and her Earth Angels!" Gala Darling
"Yvette and the team at Earth HQ are changing the world one event at a time. Not only that, but they are bloody awesome to work with and have become part of our extended family of awakened individuals!" Pete Evans
"If you need someone to lead you into a life and career filled with love, light and boundless inspiration to speak your truth, but more importantly – to actually do the work and be living your dream – Yvette is most certainly someone to have in your wings." Sarah Wilder
"Yvette Luciano has helped me unlock my true potential in a myriad of ways. She has given me the strength to see what is truly possible. Her knowingness and the strength she carries in her own life inspires me to keep seeing beyond my personal limitations. A truly enlightened, inspired soul." Wes Carr
"Yvette is a powerhouse – the kind of woman you want to team up with to make magic time and time again. She brings not only years of event and PR expertise to the table, but a soulful approach and genuine passion to change the world." Rachel MacDonald
"Yvette, thank you for what you’re doing in the world and being a pioneer in helping bringing to life these important messages that really benefit the world" Dr. Libby Weaver


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What exactly will I receive?

You receive a total of 7 training modules are delivered every 2 weeks. In addition to monthly group coaching calls and weekly inspiration emails containing electives and/or other great extras.

In total the course includes 60+ hours of audios and videos, worksheets, templates, toolkits, private facebook group, 4 group coaching calls and regular inspiration emails - all of which you get to keep forever!

Do I have access to my fellow Soulpreneurs?

Absolutely! We believe that community, connections and collaborations are imperative to creating meaningful success. Genuine relationships with your fellow students and alumni are nurtured in a safe and secure online group to help each other work through the program, share ideas and support each other.

In addition to optional live events, masterminds and meet ups!

Does it matter where I live, or if I'm travelling?

Not at all. You can study anywhere that you have a computer and internet access. If you head away on holidays, or work is demanding, your training modules and emails will be ready for you when you get back.

While you may not be able to attend the live events and meet ups, we do have a global community joining the program and look forward to extending our live events and meet ups.

I’m not sure I can afford the course fee, can you offer any help with this?

The AU$1697 course investment can be paid in instalments.

If you pay the full fee upfront, you’ll receive a $200 discount, making the total amount only AU$1497.

However, an easy-pay instalment plan is available.

**Please note: GST will be added for Australian residents**

What if I discover the course isn't for me?

If you don’t feel that the course is what was promised, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee provided you can show you have given it a go and done all of the relevant homework.

There is no refund for change of mind.

If you have any questions about the course or it's relevance to the work you want to do in the world, please email as we are happy to help guide you to the right decision for you.

I’m not sure if I’m ready for the course just yet, will it be offered again?

At this stage we hope to continue to offer the course into the future. Although with other projects and client commitments, it's unlikely the next program will be offered until 2018, at an increased price.

If you sign up to begin class in 2017 not only do you have the advantage of a discounted enrolment fee but you also have lifetime access to any future course material, including videos, audios and worksheets.

I haven’t started my business yet but my friend has been in business for years – will the course suit both of us?

The Soulpreneurs program caters for you at any stage of your journey. People who are just hatching their business ideas, as well as those who have been chipping away for years find valuable lessons, insight and tools in the course content – from setting up your foundations and platforms for the first time to boosting your media presence or launching a new range of products.

I don’t work in a typical ‘soulpreneur’ industry, is this course still be relevant to me?

Yes! You don’t have to be a yoga teacher or health coach to find value in this course. The curriculum and contents are relevant to a wide range of industries – the most important factor is that you dream of bringing more soul and authenticity to your work.

Will I have enough time to complete the course juggling my day job, existing business or babies?

This is a stress-free zone. Almost everyone doing the program has very full lives which is why we have designed it to be at a slow and sustainable pace.

There are no strict deadlines, falling behind or failing this program - you have the content forever. AND you have lifetime access to future intakes, meaning that you can just run through the program again next year (or whenever offered next) at no extra cost.

And half of our students are parents - many are even single mamas! This is a safe space where there is no judgement, 'falling behind' or flunking. You take this at your pace.

Can I receive one-on-one coaching?

All coaching in this program is in a private group format - including our coaching calls, Facebook group and live workshops and masterminds.

Certified Soulpreneur Support Coaches are exclusively available to you through the program at a minimal extra fee if requested.

However most students find they receive all the support and guidance they need through the intimate group coaching, program and each other anyways!

What are the live experience dates?

We are currently locking in all 2017 dates. So far we have Sydney, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne, Hawaii and NZ in the works.

With our first international conference set for September in Brisbane!

Please note the live experiences are only optional and may attract extra expense as they are not built into the program cost - so that students not attending do not need to cover.

Is this a women-only course?

Heavens no! While most of the enrolled students so far are women, many of the teachers and a few of our enrolled students so far are awesome men. The world needs more male Soulpreneurs - please join us!

More questions?

Please email

Student Testimonials

"I already had my business but always felt that I wanted to expand and make my presence and impact greater. Soulpreneurs opened me up from the inside out. I recommend the program to anyone who is either considering a path of soul-centered business, or is already on one. So much came together for me through the course and community, I know Soulpreneurs was like the vehicle ... keeping me on track. " Naomi Siro. Psychotherapist, intuitive coach, trainer and speaker
"It's always been a dream of mine to create something that inspires and educates kids with healthy eating and take it into schools. Soulpreneurs gave me the courage and AMAZING community support to step into this dream, step into my own truth and make it a reality. I've now printed my first whole foods colouring book for kids and ran workshops for 50 kids in Sydney yesterday because of it. I had to remind myself that I was getting paid for it too. This was a completely unexpected result from doing the Soulpreneurs program and one of many. If you want to turn a crazy or simple dream into reality I HIGHLY recommend Soulpreneurs. You will feel at home here." Rory Bland, Author and Speaker
"If you run (or want to start) a soulful business and feel like you could benefit from support and guidance along the way then this might be the right course for you. Not only will you learn so much about business and about yourself, but you will also meet a beautiful group of fellow lightworkers who are ready to rise up and help heal the world" Steph Evans. Spiritual Psychologist.
"I'm so grateful for the experience, the people have met and all I have learned #seriouslybestcourseever " Erica Brooke, Skincare
"I'm thankful I jumped at the opportunity to join this amazing community of change makers, creatives and soulful business entrepreneurs; and I'm grateful for the friendships and support they bring to my life! In the middle of the launch this week of my Not For Profit Organisation and our upcoming event, at the very time I was having a slight meltdown on a personal matter; guess who were there to shine light on me and give support without knowing it was at that moment I needed it the most, but none other than this bevy of beautiful Soulpreneurs!! There is a lot to be grateful for when you are a member of a community that lifts you up, supports you and doesn't pass judgement; and who hold you encouragingly in their fold. " Kathy Gardiner, The Naked Gardiner
"It is so much more than just a business course, it’s also a great addition to someone’s personal and spiritual development. This course is perfectly aligned with all that I believe in, in serving the world with genuine love and desire, in doing it as our true selves and standing true to that, whilst allowing ourselves to feel we deserve to do well and be paid for it. Before Soulpreneurs, I didn't have a community of likeminded people or a safe space to share my message, myself and my business into the world. I felt so isolated before Soulpreneurs, yet now I have made so many genuinely, beautiful connections with likeminded people that have been great supports and feel I am part of a community that I love being a part of! I have clarity and inspiration to work towards my goals, confidence in my knowledge and ability to achieve them. It is so inspiring that you have created something so successful whilst completely being yourself and not changing it to fit it with what currently dominates the business world. " Stephanie Beauverd, Holistic Counsellor and Meditation Teacher
"Soulpreneurs has changed my life in so many ways. Not only have I connected with a beautiful community, I've seen many positive changes in myself. I have found clarity in my true life purpose and taken action that lights me up inside. As a result, I've received an invitation to present at the TEDx Canberra annual event in September...on the big stage!! I've been selected as a MATES in Construction Champion to speak nationally at their events. I feel so blessed to be able to touch lives with my story and help others find their happiest, healthiest self. I've been asked by another local training organisation to speak at their seminars and have also recently connected with a mindfulness coach / yoga teacher who has generously offered to support me and my vision to change the health of our construction industry. My world has opened up in ways I could never have imagined and I know it is a result of your guidance and support throughout Soulpreneurs. So, thank you, thank you, thank you. " Pip Seldon, #theHealthyTradieProject
"Soulpreneurs is hands down one of the best courses I have ever done in my life. What makes it so special is the content combined with the passion and people all have this amazing alchemy that just propels you forward. Its deep personal development combined with real business know how in a sacred safe space - I can't think of anything else like it. UPLIFTING and SOUL FILLING with genuine meaningful connections. I had no idea that I could be cracked open (in an amazing good way) any further. Since doing the course I have become more and more comfortable with my gifts that I can offer to the world and I'm so excited to keep going on this track. " Ros Scott-Mackenzie. Massage Therapist, Energy Healer and Mother.
"Saying YES to Soulpreneurs is by far the best educational investment I have ever made. I needed help with my biz, to learn to how to build it on bricks not sticks, in a heart centered environment. It has exceeded all my expectations and helped me immeasurably. I LOVED IT!" Cristina San Martin, Soon-To-Be Published Author
"Best thing about Soulpreneurs is learning that I didn't have to fit into a box. The course is perfect for any type of individual/business looking for something different to all those boring, conventional business courses! It truly has been a life changing, not only for my business but personally too. Not to mention all the connections, likeminded souls." Renee Lalor, The Organic Hairstylist, Darwin.
"I love the Soulpreneurs specialized business advice and community that comes together, to support one another in making the world a lovelier place." Hatti Burt. UK Designer, Web Developer, Blogger.
"Before Soulpreneurs I lacked confidence and never felt like I was enough, now I'm heaps more confident, know where I'm going, and believe that I can do it! It's super real, amazing content, inspiring guest teachers and no false promises to get rich quick etc. Yvette and her team provide amazing support throughout the whole course and you don't get lost in the crowd like other huge online courses. " Scarlett Wilson. "Cultured Baby" Health Coach and Educator, Mother and Fermenter.
"Soulpreneurs has helped me gain clarity around creating an abundant business, but in a soulful way and aligned with my values. It has specifically supported me through the important steps of writing and self-publishing my first printed book. The connections and support from Yvette, her team and my fellow Soulpreneurs was wonderful!" Kasey Willson. Naturopath and Nutritionist.
"This is business training with a soul. Soulpreneurs is more than an entrepreneurship course for me. It has helped me find direction and grounding in life during the six months I spent with our supportive mentors and lovable fellow students. I’ve been part of several online business communities in the past and nothing beats the kindness, love, and support that I found in our private group. Yvette’s personality as well as her entire team is amazing. They’re one of the most generous, friendly, honest, and kind online friends I’ve ever had. Everyone in Soulpreneurs wants to make a difference in the world and they want to do it in a way that feels good. I’ll always be proud of being a graduate of the program!" Vincent Imbat. Writer.
"For anyone feeling stuck, blocked or held back from the life and business you truly want, Soulpreneurs will crack you open to what you need to move forward and live your life purpose. A nurturing, inspiring and transformative course that combines the perfect balance of practical business skills and honest self enquiry. It reminded me why I started and helped align all the potential directions I could have headed. A recalibration of my direction and purpose. Soulpreneurs creates a safe space for students to deeply explore what it is they most want in their life and business, as well as the practical steps to get them there." Jessica Bean. Health Empowerment Coach, Speaker and Soulpreneur Alumni.


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